hi, my name is Mithru rachamalla

Thank you for visiting my blog. I write about my days and other random things here. It’s been a while since I shared my days in a physical diary. I kept physical diaries from 2009 to 2019 that I locked in a safe –very safely.


I’m an entrepreneur. So, lately, I haven’t been able to keep up with physical diaries and so I decided to have a small blog of my own so that I can work and blog in parallel –privately or publicly. I don’t really mind. I am certainly conscious about what kind of things I can write here and what I cannot. 


I run three different companies under one parent name – artoonsinn. You may mostly find me at ArtoonsInn Geeks Room where I set up and host websites for people, business owners, communities, organizations, etc. especially for people who lack technical knowledge but are willing to have a website for themselves or for their business. My clients at ArtoonsInn Geeks Room pay me annually for hosting their websites on my company servers. I also take payments for settings up their websites and other services related to the websites. I am aiming to have an early retirement to travel the world. For that I need 1000 clients by the day I turn 37. The other two companies are into Book publishing. Room9 Publications and The Archaic House.


I am also working on the fourth company which I hope to launch in 2023 March. The idea is to offer an annual discount to my clients whose websites are hosted at Geeks Room and in return I shall get their permission to place Ads on their websites. If each website gets 1000 hits a day, 1000 such websites would give me 1000*1000 hits a day. There is actually no limit. I would have an enormous organic reach to start a unique digital marketing company of my own. That’s why I am calling it, the Project Innfinity. This, however, is the basic idea. The actual plan is a bit more challenging, but I am sure I am gonna get there.


Everything I have been working on or will be working on is planned in a way that they help me retire on my 37th birthday with at least 9 different streams of income generated without my involvement further.


I have no interest in riches, I just want to travel the world without any financial or time constraints –which I believe are two of the three powerful things in this world.


Que Será, Será