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Hi, my name is Mithru Rachamalla.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I write about my days and other random thoughts here.

I’m an entrepreneur. Lately, I haven’t been able to keep up with physical diaries, so I have decided to have a small blog of my own so that I can work and blog in parallel –privately or publicly, I don’t really mind.

I currently run three different companies under one parent name – ArtoonsInn™. You may mostly find me at ArtoonsInn Geeks Room (Room 10) where I set up and host websites for people, business owners, communities, organizations, etc, especially for people who lack technical knowledge but are willing to have a website for themselves or for their business. My clients at ArtoonsInn Geeks Room pay annually for hosting and managing their websites. I am aiming to have 1000 clients at ArtoonsInn Geeks Room by the day I turn 37. A 1000 clients who pay me annually would be a good time to retire. My other two companies are into Book publishing, —Room9 Publications and The Archaic House.

I am also working on the fourth company. The idea is to offer an annual discount to my clients whose websites are hosted at Geeks Room and in return I shall get their permission to place Ads on their websites. If each website gets 1000 hits a day, 1000 such websites would give me 1000*1000 hits a day. I would have an enormous organic reach to start a unique digital marketing company of my own. I am calling it the Project Innfinity. This is the basic idea. The actual plan is a bit more challenging. I hope it works out well.

Apart from these, you may also find me in a few other rooms of ArtoonsInn.

ArtoonsInn Writers Room | Room 8:
ArtoonsInn Poets Room | Room 6:
ArtoonsInn Canvas | Room X:
ArtoonsInn Food Court:
ArtoonsInn Chamber Of Memes:
ArtoonsInn Cine-Music Room:
ArtoonsInn Photographers Room:
ArtoonsInn Travelers Room:

I also have plans to start ArtoonsInn Floor for dancers, ArtoonsInn Air for voice, ArtoonsInn Green for Environmentalists, and The Inns Law to host lawyers.

ArtoonsInn is a world of its own, and live in it along with a few thousands of people.

Yes, when I talk about myself, I somehow get into talking about ArtoonsInn instead. Talking about myself is boring, why don’t you find out reading my blogs.


Updated(May 15th, 2022) I had started working on a unique writing platform WRITERS LOOP early this year which was supposed to be launched on April 17th of 2022, and just a day before the launch I found a major glitch in it and couldn’t make it. I am still working on it.

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