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Today was lovely. As I woke up in the morning, mom was playing a beautiful devotional song on YouTube on TV. Although I am an atheist, I enjoyed it. A lot. It’s not just the lyrics or the music. They synched some beautiful pictures to it. It was a beautiful feeling.
I grabbed my phone as I listened to the song for the fifth time and swiped in. Ah! The new year wishes. No! Not right now. I locked the phone and laid back on the bed, and fell asleep again. We had a small party last night.  I could use some more sleep before I make my new year’s resolutions!
Mom and I went to buy the Kitchen top for the new house. She wanted to use granite. Everybody else suggested the same. But, the problem is.. I am planning the interior of the house in full Black and White flavor. They had Black granite but not the Black I had in mind. I convinced mom to go with a tile instead. It’s jet black, so black that one would probably hesitate to spoil it while cooking. Mom also planned a Wet Kitchen in the back of the house. For that, we got granite. The shopkeeper gave us a good discount as we were his first customer this year. xD

New Year Resolution 2022

Blog every day. I have been skipping my journal all this time. I shouldn’t.
Save 2 ETH. I believe crypto has a great future. I should at least save 2 ETH and perhaps some Bitcoin too.
+100 clients at Geeks Room. Woah! That would be nice. I should take marketing a bit seriously. I never actually did any serious promotions of Geeks Room. I should.
Project Innfinity. Project Innfinity is the digital marketing idea that I have been working on. I must get it to work this year.
Trip to Leh, and any other place outside India. I think I know where the winds are gonna take me.
Write a short story. I used to write short stories back in college that never saw the light. Although they don’t make any sense to me now, I have something I always wanted to write. I should.
Read 12 books. I promised someone last January that I would read 12 books in 2021. I didn’t. I couldn’t. I will this year. I should.
Get fit. I had joined the Gym last November to get fit. It’s been good so far. It could get better. I should get better.
Stop procrastinating. Well.. no more postponing the work or whatever.

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