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Going through a very busy day. Got to write several emails and talk to 3 clients and discuss their requirements.



Spoke to one of the clients, the owner of a school who wants the complete eco-system of their school on the website. Sounds pretty challenging. We have actually been discussing it via WhatsApp for the past couple of weeks. I am not sure I would want to take such a project as it needs too much maintenance even if they are paying lots of money for it. I know I can’t get out of it once I enter into these corporate compounds, not when their whole content is on my servers.

Anyway, I think I am gonna sleep on it for a bit and give her a call. That’s what I told her.


11: 42

Woah! Shivani Salil, one of my favorite human beings wants a website done by Geeks Room. I just saw her texts on my phone screen.

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