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I have been postponing an NGO project House of Specials for almost 2 months. Each time I try to work on it, I find some content missing. My client, Shruti Arora seems like a busy person and so her responses don’t usually come quickly. Today, I had decided to get it done and I finally did it. Phew! I shall show the website to her tomorrow and with some minor updates, it will be ready for launch.

Get fit update: I have been waiting for the Workout matt that I ordered on Amazon.

Construction update: The inside staircase. I have decided to have something I always thought of having after all. A wooden staircase. Mom and sisters are against it, but I know I am going to regret it if I don’t act on it. It is not completely wooden though. The skeleton is made of Iron. I chose a design that apparently cannot be done by anyone here. I drove around trying to find someone who can. I couldn’t. I have no choice but to plan it step by step and guide the workers myself.


Worked with the VJ couple today. It’s actually only him today. He had lots of questions about the backend database integration, configuring email accounts, SMTP, etc. He is not the kind of a guy who relies on someone –just like me. Awesome! Even though he is paying me, a lot, by the way, he is trying to get things done that he can by himself.

They are a sweet and inspiring couple. I am gonna miss them. Their website is not going to be hosted on my servers because of some compatibility issues. I suggested a different provider.

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