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Woke up to the devotional songs mom was playing on our TV. Brushed my teeth and left to the construction site to see if the workers have come. They did.

The Builder had promised me and also signed a simple agreement that I made then and there that he would put us in the new house ground floor by the end of the month. I don’t think he will though. It is just to add some pressure on him since he has already taken too much time. We should’ve been at the new house 3 months ago.

I had written some emails to a few clients of requesting a review on ArtoonsInn Geeks Room. One of them had sent a beautiful review, it is so beautiful that it brought tears in my eyes. Her name is Supriya Bansal, a recently joined client whose website was launched a few days ago. I storied the review on my Instagram. 🙂

“I am delighted and very satisfied with the way builder Shreya conducted the project. My queries and requests were immediately addressed and resolved asap. The pricing is nominal and value for money. For someone technically challenged like me, Shreya’s valuable inputs were a godsend. The last-minute suggestions by you, Mithru were constructive and extremely valuable. All my requirements, however finicky they sounded were given utmost importance. Shreya even adjusted her working hours to match my schedule. It was satisfying, rewarding and an amazing experience working with you guys. I was impressed with the efficiency, professional approach and ‘never-say-no’ attitude. I would wholeheartedly recommend ArtoonsInn Geeks Room to anyone looking for a website. It was a pleasure working with you.
P.S- you have an amazing team Mithru and as I told Shreya once, you are a wonderful leader. The fact that your team holds you in such high regard, shows that you lead by example. All the best to you guys! Keep up the amazing work.”


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