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2 years of Geeks Room.
So proud.
So proud because I never gave up on this no matter the pressure, financially or personally.
I hope I keep up.
I hope I never get greedy.
I hope I never let any client down.
I hope I never let myself down.
I always wanted to create a united artists community –especially the writers’ space at ArtoonsInn which was the first to be part of ArtoonsInn. The whole concept of ArtoonsInn has always been just that –to bring all kinds of artists(artoons) under one roof. It’s actually pretty interesting if you go deep into the idea. I will write all about it someday. I have always been so obsessed with the idea that I actually once worked on an idea I called The Wall of ArtoonsInn –which creates an exclusive barrier between Artoons and Non-Artoons. However, my team members were not okay with it that I had to put the idea to sleep. 
One of the beautiful rooms at ArtoonsInn is the Writers Room. I have always been proud of this space started by me and Shankar and developed it along with Husna and Pallavi. We had implemented so many successful ideas. So many that I have lost track of them. My favorite was ArttrA – the game of writers. The idea was to create teams of writers and have them write stories as a team. The team with the most points win. It’s actually very interesting when you are around while it happens.
Although there were 100s of ways I could create a revenue stream out of this room, I didn’t. The members there are like a family to me. The experience there however helped me grow at other places like Geeks Room.
The thing is, I couldn’t keep a word I gave myself at Writers Room back in time which was that I will make the community so united that the members not only learn from each other but also get good support when they are published. Although the community is truly united to the extent that they support and motivate each other into becoming good writers, I failed to implement the right ideas for the marketing part. It is nobody’s fault that the published authors aren’t getting enough sales though. I know I can’t just make people buy stuff. 
Invited a few of my friends here for dinner at a restaurant. Celebrations.

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