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I have been busy for the last couple of days working on the new Geeks Room design. I have finally pushed the update onto the existing design.
Still have to work on optimizing it. Too many HTTP requests. 150+. Gotta bring it down to 25-50. Also have to work on the SEO. I never worked on its SEO properly before.

I have paused the SEO work for now. I have some promises to keep. So, the writers’ group I was talking about. I have to announce some details about it. I have been calling it Project Innfinity for Writers in mind till now. But, today I have finally got the right title into my head. The Writers Loop. Whatever you give gets back to you in this loop. Ah! I love how the title synchs with the idea.

I am currently working on a small article with basic details about it.


I frigging am loving the idea.


Posted a small bit in my favorite Writers Room.


It’s my birthday today. I had received a lot of wishes. I never knew I had so many people around. I actually counted the number of wishes I received late at night and there were 584 wishes.

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