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It’s been a long time. Very long time. The last writing event I hosted was along with Husna and Pallavi. It used to be beautiful. The days were beautiful. We never compromised on anything. We put the event over everything when we hosted one.

The last writing event I remember we hosted together was a game of writers which we call The ArttrA. It was a hit. People loved the concept of the event.

I miss it. I miss those days.

Today though, I am giving my hand at it with a small one-day writing event. Not at ArtoonsInn but at one other writing community founded by a friend of mine Meera Barath. I honestly cannot go back to Writers Room to host a writing event for too many reasons. The room is now being handled by a few senior members of the room.

I suggested the prompt for this one-day writing event and Meera liked it without any hesitation. Geeks Room is sponsoring the event. I hope Geeks Room gets a few new clients through this event.

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