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I realized it is time for me to give away some of my earnings from last year and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it all morning. I have been putting a little bit of every transaction I have been receiving into my new savings account. It is actually an abandoned account from my college days that I opened for my online trading. I used to trade digital currency back in time. The account had a lot of negative charges. I paid them and reactivated the account.

I searched for some genuine non-corporate organizations to donate to but I somehow couldn’t find the right one. I gave up searching when I realized all the needy are just around me. It is not a lot of money so I just cashed out the money from the ATM and gave it away to random people asking for money on the streets. I wish I could explain how surprised they were. I enjoyed it and at the same time, I loved this experience.

Taking pictures or videos of this to share on Social media would give me all those public-stunt looks, so I avoided doing that in the first place. Even when shared that I will be giving away 2.5% of my earnings last year on Instagram and Facebook, I felt so embarrassed seeing the comments. I didn’t share about today anywhere except for a few of my friends.

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