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I don’t like this time of the year. Look at that guy, can we pull him even by an inch?” Rachael said. “The master fed us, it’s our duty now.” Ross gasped, still getting hold of himself after the last ride.

It was Christmas week and Anchorage was choked with tourists. It snowed all night and the city was a feast for tourists’ eyes. Phoebe, Monica, Rachael and Ross were four Huskies who pulled the sled for their owner to make a living. They lived in Hope town near Anchorage. Every morning, the master would take them to Anchorage in his truck and return by dusk, just before it got too cold for a human to survive.

Come on, girls and boy, hop on,” said the master, a little early today. As the Huskies jumped onto the back of the truck, he said, “Christmas Eve!! Lots of blokes out there waiting for you,” and laughed like a true Irish man.

As soon as they reached their spot, the tourists rushed to the truck to hand over their money and the master would remember the order. “We’re going first,” announced the couple, probably on their honeymoon. “Nobody is going until the dogs are done eating.” The master walked past the crowd.


2$ for each trip. The Huskies gasped after their 40th. The master was busy collecting the money from those who’d completed their rides. The next in line was a little girl and her mom. “Mom, look, that’s Jim. Four Jims.” “No, baby. Jim is at home.” As the mother tried to explain, the little girl ran to the four Huskies and gave them a hug each, the love those Huskies didn’t usually experience. It was a special Christmas Eve for the Huskies. “Hop on, human child.”  


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