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I am working on something cool and also something beneficial for many writers/authors. A united writers/bloggers platform. LITERALLY UNITED. This was one of my dreams back in time which didn’t really have a proper shape until very recently when I came up with this idea. I started a writers group on Facebook almost 6 years ago and it has been doing well from day 1. Although it took a lot of constant hard work and time to keep it going, today it feels like it has all been worth it. The writers/members in the group are very friendly to each other and promote reviewing others’ works to help each other grow as a writer. This new idea, however, is a bit different from the existing one. The existing one also aims to unite the writers and create a supportive environment but let’s be honest, who even has time to care for others’ success these days?

I have seen thousands of writers who got published –but when their book was out, they aren’t able to sell even 200 copies of their book, and it’s not their fault at all. Some books are actually good and I can only imagine how the authors would feel to see less number of sales. The problem is marketing and promotions. I know how frigging and challenging it is to write a good book, so getting published shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. And, yeah, luckily, getting published as an author nowadays is just as easy as buying a drink for yourself. It’s actually a good thing for many reasons and a bad thing for only one reason. So, I am gonna put the bad part aside.

This platform I am working on would possibly make a difference in marketing and promotions without spending a lot on one’s books.

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