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I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Room9 Publications and The Archiac House, both of ArtoonsInn’s publishing houses have been dormant for almost a year now. A lot of hard work and sleepless nights went into making these companies possible, especially Room9 Publications, my very first company. I didn’t know a thing about publishing until I packed the very first book myself for shipping.

I still remember how happy I was looking at the printed version of our very first project – Hiraeth. It was a celebration of life although I didn’t have any supporters who I could share it with. I had actually started it along with someone named Husna who I met on Facebook. The company had happened only through extreme research, hundreds of phone calls, networking, traveling, serious arguments with her, fights, and then there was also the constant demotivation from the family trying to make me think of getting an actual job that pays once a month. We somehow made it past all the hurdles and received our first project from a member of the ArtoonsInn Writers group on Facebook which is now called the ArtoonsInn Writers Room.

With time, we have started receiving projects regularly and we used to pick the good ones for publishing. While Room9 Publications was active, I saw a rise in the self-publishing industry where authors are showing more interest in investing on their books themselves for better royalties and control over their work. So, we had decided to start working on a self-publishing company as well — The Archaic House. This too had started receiving projects regularly. With two publishing houses in hand, I started approaching the top printing companies in India. I cut a great deal with one of the… actually the best printing company in India. I got a deal where the printing cost was cut to more than half of what we were paying previously. We couldn’t believe it ourselves. We were enjoying our work with zero losses. But then she’s got busy with her life and I couldn’t keep going without her.

It’s been a year, and lately, Tanima has been asking me if I am ever going to reopen Room9,  and not to leave Writers Room. She has also been concerned about my absence. She knows what has happened and why Room9 is not taking projects anymore. A few other members at ArtoonsInn and a lot of pings from random authors still come on Room9 social pages. I kept ignoring the requests. But, after talking to Tanima about Room9, which actually happened several times in the past 1 year, I felt like I could pull it off on my own too. All I need is a good partner to help me with a few things.

I don’t know. I am thinking. I can’t stop thinking. I never stopped thinking about it.

Room9 was started on April 17th, 2019.

I can’t. I just can’t.

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