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Granny has passed away today. Out of the only 2 people I have got, one is gone now.

For the last 2 weeks, I was taking care of her. Nobody came forward to help because it was Covid. The same thing happened with my maternal granny too.

I didn’t sleep for straight 2 hours in the last 15 days. She needed constant attention, both at home and at the hospital. I lay on the chairs, floors, on ICU doors every day hoping that she would make it. Fed her, gave meds myself, I tried everything. The doctors too did try their best, but the immunity at 85 apparently isn’t as cooperative. The past days have been dull and empty staring through the ICU door 24/7. At least one died every day in that hospital and they were all from the same ICU my granny was put in. I saw them come alive and go home… not so alive.

The sound of an ambulance now makes me anxious, and the sense of people avoiding in times of need.

My granny loved me a lot. She was the most inspiring of all for me. She was a strong and independent person. She is the reason I chose to follow my heart and build my own company, instead of working for someone. Whatever the little investment I needed in the very beginning of my company was given by her. She had always believed in me like nobody else.

Granny’s death is going to change everything for me now. I literally do not have anyone who genuinely asks for developmental updates of my company anymore.

I had one other person who I thought was going to share her life with me but it turned out I was never a priority for her. A year of depression and loneliness is what my own expectations had cost me.

Now, all I have is my mom. I hope I get to go away before her. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry for your loss..just keep loving the people you have in this life .. life is short. and never forget that you are always loved by your grandmother,mom and many more people -Sita 😊

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