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On this Diwali, mom wanted us to buy something and she had decided to get a new TV for our new house that is under construction. I took her TV shopping. My budget was around 50k, but mom chose something that gave me a mini heart attack. She chose a 65 Inch QLED that was costing more than 4 times my budget. I never thought a bloody TV would cost that much.

Good for me actually. I am living a dream now. I always imagined myself watching my favorite shows on a High Quality large screen late at night in my own room –chilling and discussing those shows with my spouse. Wow! Did I actually use the word ‘spouse’!? 

I called a few of my friends to help me with its setup at our temporary residence. The company offered free set up the next day, but mom wanted it opened right on the festival day. So, yeah, we had to struggle a bit with this huge TV. Being a techie didn’t really pay off very well, but the product’s manual did the job. The TV was set and everything was good, except the TV remote won’t work. There was no mention of this issue in the book. Duh! Friends left after they had tried almost everything. It was already 22:00 anyway. After they had left, I kept checking YouTube videos for a solution while mom fed me. Yeah! Mom feeds me with her hand if and when I am working on something. And guess what, when I am hungry, I have some work to do. I had found the issue. We were supposed to pair the bloody remote with the TV via Bluetooth. I also found out that this remote doesn’t have any batteries, it has solar panels. Wow. Cool.

I also bought a Soundbar along with the TV that supports Dolby Atmos. The TV already has inbuilt Dolby Vision and Atmos support.  I was on cloud9 as I tested the surround mode of this TV. It felt amazing!



Today was a busy day. I am sleepy already.

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