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I received a payment from an existing client today. My clients pay me yearly for hosting and technical maintenance of their websites. I maintain a good relationship with my clients. I never had even a single client coming up with a complaint since the beginning of the Geeks Room. Not even once. In fact, a few of Geeks Room clients like us so much that they keep bringing their friends and businesses aboard Geeks Room. I give a lot of importance to my clients’ comfort and satisfaction. Seeing people talk good things about your company is worth more than making a million dollars. Oh wait. I never made a million dollars. 

Anyway, I received a payment from a client for renewing their hosting today. I celebrated.
Each time I receive a payment from an existing client, I celebrate. Each time a new client comes aboard Geeks Room, I celebrate. It feels good. Each payment Geeks Room receive tells me that I have come a long way –starting from absolutely nothing. It tells me I deserve a bit of a celebration.

I have no bigger ambitions in life. I have no breakthrough to wait for. All I want in life is to be at peace minding my business, eating, sleeping, and exploring new places. My clients are happy with Geeks Room and I am happy that they are happy. I don’t involve in things that don’t matter to me, and the things I am involved in– I try to make them perfect.

Cakes and Bakes is the place in my city that I go to whenever I have to celebrate. People who work there have become used to me too. I get smiles each time I enter the place. I mostly order a small piece of cake with a drink. Sitting there, eating that cake feels like an achievement in itself. I spend at least 10% of any hosting renewal payment I receive on the same day. I don’t mean to sound like a great guy, but I mostly give away that 10% –I mean whatever is left after my little celebration. We are supposed to pay after we have what we want to have there. The best part about my celebrations here is the senior man, probably in his seventies and handling his son’s business, at the billing desk. He clicks on some numbers to print the bill, and as he does that, he smiles at me asking what had happened that day, and I tell him all about it. It makes me happy. So very happy talking about it with him. He is a good listener. He doesn’t just ask, he really wants to know what happened.

Sometimes, the place is crowded and I have to move from the billing desk without talking to him, and you know, on such days, I don’t feel like I celebrated well. I wonder if it is all about sharing the happiness that keeps us going. I look forward to the next celebration, or should I say –talking to him.

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