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All my friends are getting married –one after the other. Eee… so much pressure! Mom wants me to get married too.

In the morning, I was telling mom that I have to attend a friend’s wedding today. The first thing she said after hearing that was… “Wear a good dress, the bride’s friends will be there.”

Even both my sisters keep sending me pictures of girls!

I have no idea why everybody is so desperate to get me married. Even the relatives I have never seen before ask me about my marriage. Damn it!

I recently liked someone though, but her plans for the future don’t fit well with mine and mine doesn’t fit well with hers. It wouldn’t work out. I hoped it would, but it won’t.

It is really hard for me to like someone. Really really hard.
When I do like someone, I keep them in my heart forever. I hope I don’t end up alone. It would not be a problem anyway though. I am used to being alone. Both of my sisters got married and left for their new homes even before I started college. Mom is a Govt. employee and works far away from home. She leaves in the morning and comes back in the evening. So, it’s pretty much me left at home all these years.

I hope there is someone for me.

I really do.


My dear love, I hope you exist. Because I have so many things to share with you. So many things that you may have to put me to sleep to stop me from talking. Oh love, don’t worry, I am told I am a good company to keep. I will not tell you anything that is boring. I am very good at choosing the right topics to keep up the conversations. Baby, even if I do bore you sometimes, you can tell me to leave you alone –and I will. I won’t take it to heart and get hurt. I know you need your space too.

My love, I hope you enjoy traveling because I am going to take you to a lot of places around the world. I have a list and a priority list too. I can’t wait to go around holding your hand. I hope you are into movies. I watch a lot of movies, love, and I have a list of movies I have been waiting to rewatch with you sitting by my side. I can’t wait to rest my head on your lap as we both watch FRIENDS, on our large TV, in our chilled room –late at night. Baby, I will understand if you do not like FRIENDS, but let me be honest, I am gonna force you to watch a few episodes with me just to make sure if you really don’t like it. I am sorry for that. 

My love, I won’t lie to you, but sometimes I am afraid I get angry too. With time, I know, we may sometimes end up fighting over some random things. Baby, don’t worry, you know you have got an old school for love at home, so, expect me to run right back to you just as the fight ends. Nothing would matter anymore once I am there holding you –because that’s what I would be living for.

Oh my dear sweetheart, I am going to love you so much from the day you finally show up, and I will be loyal. Wherever you are right now, I hope you are happy with whatever you are doing in your life. If you are not, don’t worry though, once I hold your hand, I am going to move mountains to keep you happy, for the rest of our lives.

I’m waiting for you.
~Yours and only yours.

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