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11: 50

I have a scheduled client call tonight around 2 AM.


Music keeps me sane. I can listen to any language as long as it has good music.

Sometimes, the music is too good that it makes me look for the translation of the lyrics. Here is one of those songs I came across recently which I think is in Malayalam.



I had a very productive day today. I spoke to a few prospective clients of Geeks Room. I just ended a call with one of them, Ananya Agarwal, who seemed to be very much interested in going with Geeks Room for designing her website. Apparently one of my existing clients, Mr. Ali, had recommended Geeks Room to her. She runs a Salon in Noida, India, and wants to have a professional website designed and maintained for her.

She wanted a call scheduled for late at night. A night person. I was more than okay with it. We spoke for nearly 1 hour before we ended the call. She had explained all about her Salon and the way she runs it. She sounded just like me when I was initially planning the Geeks Room. Broke but passionate. She doesn’t have much support from the family nor did she have the funds to run the Salon professionally. But, passion! Passion kept her up!

She had started it very small, and using those little profits she kept developing things day by day and today she is at a level where she is going to offer appointments through her website.

I have so much respect for such people.
People who stand for things they want in their life.
People who never give up.

I had quoted an affordable amount for her website design, set up, and 1 year of its hosting.

She said ‘okay’ instantly. I am yet to send her the invoice and a welcome letter to come onboard ArtoonsInn. 🙂


Listening to


Sleepy. Good Night.

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