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A few of my friends have been planning a Goa trip for the last few weeks. Obviously, each time we were ready to go, someone has a problem. Looks like we are gonna go tomorrow. I am still not sure though.


We drove to the outskirts of the city to discuss the trip. Well.. the idea actually was to have a cup of coffee.

Four of us have decided to leave tomorrow. I am not really excited about this trip, but I couldn’t say out loud when the plan seemed to be working out. All three of the friends are in the IT –currently working from home. So, we are all gonna carry our laptops with us. I will introduce these friends tomorrow –if we really get on the road.

01:08 (Nov. 19)

I wasn’t sure about sharing this blog with anyone, but tonight I did with Tanima on one condition –she’ll never discuss the diaries with me. Tanima is a crazy friend of mine from Kolkata who I met at ArtoonsInn a few years ago.

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