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My routine morning. I don’t even fully open my eyes, I search for my Macbook in the bed with my hand. It should be somewhere beside me. Found it. I slowly get up and flip it open. I place my pointed finger on the touch key and I am in. My Macbook has Apple’s M1 chip. I don’t even have to wait a second before accessing the files or browsing the internet. It’s very fast. I open the browser and there are a hundred tabs I had opened last night. I clean them and then check if there are any new emails or emails in any of the existing clients’ email threads.

If there are any emails, I would reply to them right away unless I see any complicated query that could possibly take me some time to frame the reply. If there are any emails from prospective clients, I have a few email templates that I kept ready which I would just edit and use. In fact, I wrote email templates for every possible situation at Geeks Room.

Once I am done with writing emails, I hit the Gym.


We are on road.

Santhosh, Narayana, Leela, and Me. Santhosh and Narayana were my high school classmates. Leela is Santhosh’s colleague.

Mom was totally okay with this trip. I didn’t even have to ask twice. She wants me to take lots of my pictures. Well… I know exactly why she wants my pictures. She is going to promote me and find a girl for me. 

We are going in Sathosh’s car. I have moved to the back seat to blog comfortably.

Narayana is playing the music. Damn.. his music taste! I would rather put on my Airpods! I grabbed his mobile as he stared at me and paired my mobile with the music system. Narayana is one of my best friends. I will write about him someday.

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